What are the top effects when parking at a sunny location?

          The temperatures in Thailand are typically hot, reaching up to and beyond 40 degrees Celsius, which not only affects your body but also your automobile if parked outside in a sunny spot. Because Thailand is the world’s third hottest country. There are various rays in the sunlight such as UVA, UVB, UBC, infrared radiation, and others. I would list the long-term negative effects of parking in the sun on your automobile as follow:

1.      An air conditioner system overload

          If you park in a sunny spot for an extended period of time, heat will build up inside your  automobile. After starting the car, many drivers often turn on the air conditioner and speed to the utmost. As a result, the air conditioner system works hard and may cause leaking of the air duct system’s joints.

2.      The depreciation of the car engine

          Overheating of engines leads to reduced engine life. Normally, the rate of depreciation on Thai automobiles is between 3 and 5 years. However, if you park the automobile in the sun, the engine may degrade for 1-2 years. As a result, you will have to improve the automobile or replace the new battery or other engine every year. The battery is fast deteriorating because the car’s cooling system is inadequate. When the weather is really hot  resulting in the battery being obviously bloated and the car unable to start. It can be more prevalent in distilled water batteries than in dry batteries.

3.      The pale of car colors

          This is a problem that many automobile owners may confront. If you park your automobile in the sun for a longer length of time, the color will fade. It was obviously visible on the white car. The color will change from white to yellow. However, there are several solutions to this problem, including glass clothes, car wax, and others.

4.      The depreciation of oil engine

          It is one of the negative impacts from parking in a sunny location. The hot temperature reduces the performance of lubricants or motor oils, causing engine oil to degrade faster than usual. When the situation is unable to lubricate the engine again, the engine may break.

5.      Breaking down the car tired

          Parking outside in extremely hot weather not only affected the vehicle engine, but also the car tire. The heat causes greater tire tension than usual. When driving, be especially cautious about tire explosions caused by old tires, extreme temperatures, and poor tire quality.

          These are the top five unfavorable impacts of parking in a sunny place for an extended period of time. To avoid the impacts listed above, you should understand and avoid parking under direct sunlight. However, buying car insurance in Thailand is one best option if your vehicle breaks down when parked in a sunny spot and has to be repaired. If you acquire automobile insurance from Rabbit Care, you may worry free since the insurer will cover the cost of repairs. If you are interested, more information and the premium rate can be checked directly on our Rabbit Care website.

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