You know You need an Advertising Expert When

… You don’t even know whether your program is working or not. Sure, you think it’s fine Google Advertising Consultant , but you also don’t call the doctor when you have a severe cough or cold. It’s the same thing. Of course, you have to recognize you actually have a problem to begin with. Your miserable promotions won’t hack and sneeze to alert you. But they still may be ill just the same. So how can you tell?

You could ask yourself a few simple questions. Then you will know if you are wasting time and money on your current campaign:

Take a look at question two. Do you have an effective headline or picture, in your ad? If you’re not sure, you didn’t track the results properly. What if it’s attracting the wrong type of customer? For instance, if you sell tires, are they always coming in asking for the low-priced, discount types? If so, wouldn’t you make more selling the high-end, longer-lasting ones? Perhaps it’s the advertising message that’s causing the trouble. An easy fix might be to change your approach and stress the warranty and quality of the item, rather than the price. Without feedback, you’ll never be able to seek out the offender. Especially if you run several ads in different media.

The solution is to retain a trained professional. One that is experienced in designing and recommending effective marketing. After all, you probably pay an accountant and that person is strictly overhead. A true advertising consultant can make you money by tapping the right kind of customer and luring them in. But, if you have a limited budget, you could begin with a good book instead. How about one written by a rep who worked for the Bell System for 25 years. It’s a cheaper way to go and still might provide ways to spruce up your current program.

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